Sunday, February 16, 2014

As time goes by. . .

It doesn't seem so long ago that I was in grade school. My parents were getting old and my grandparents were getting older. Then I went to high school and college. My grandparents were passing from earthly life to Heaven. My parents turned fifty. I got married. I had children.

Ten years ago this month my mother died, then my father, then my father-in-law. Today my mother-in-law joined the rest of them. Just a brief ten years and we lost them all! I have a little grand-niece about to be born. I myself am a grandmother. Next month I will be fifty. My husband and I are now the elderly generation.

Life goes on. Today I wished for the healthy care-free days of my high school years. Then I realized that if I had my parents back and my grandparents too, I wouldn't have my children and I wouldn’t be a grandmother.

I guess that’s what Heaven is for; a place of rest and a grand reunion waits for us. Who would trade that for any earthly pleasure or material thing?

Have a wonderful journey, Shirley. Say “Hello” to everyone and save a place for us at the banquet table.

(Sculpture by Jerry Anderson)

A Sideshow Journey by Liesa Swejkoski

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