Sunday, May 20, 2012


My father always said he believed a person should have his or her own name and identity. For generations the men in his family were named William or George. He was the first to be named David. After our neighbor in Delray bore several children, she ran out of names for boys. She named her last son David. Apparently we were her favorite neighbors.

I grew up and dated a David. I went to college and during open house at the dorms, three young men named David visited me in one evening! I dated more Davids. Up until about a year ago, my bishop in Utah was a David, and my bishop in Michigan where I have a summer home is a David !

My publisher's name is David Smith, I have a few more friends named David and I'm married to David Swejkoski. The last OB-Gyn to tend to me when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter was named David. He was out of town when I went into labor. The doctor who delivered my baby? You got it: David! If I'd had my son, his name would have been Thomas David.

I recently befriended an actor named David Scott Diaz and he was named after his father. I think I'll just call him, "Hollywood".

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