Friday, January 20, 2017

Uncle Trump

It felt really good to be an American today. I will admit that I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. He sometimes shoots off his mouth, says the wrong things. He reminds me of that uncle. You know the one. He is always at the family reunions, or maybe sits at the far corner of the table. He tells a few off-color jokes or asks the younger kids to pull his finger. You know the man has good intentions and you love him despite all his crassness. Donald Trump has promised to bring jobs back to the USA by taxing those companies that abandoned their domestic factories and American workers. He wants to do away with the North American Free Trade Agreement. That should help. I still remember the marches against NAFTA and the WTO a couple decades ago. Trump wants to replace the flawed Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) with one that is more on par with Europe (which by the way, grates the nerves of many ultra-conservatives).  If you are reading this and hope that “The Don” doesn’t keep his word, you can find comfort in the fact that most politicians fail to keep their promises to the voters; sometimes, even covenants to their own spouses. No, I did not vote for the man, but I will be praying for him. I am an American. I believe in the American process. I see facts before me, not innuendos and speculations or even false accusations that fade away as fast as their accusers.

I actually enjoyed the closing prayer given by Rabbi Marvin Hier. I’ll admit, it was more of a statement than a communication with God, but the words were heart-felt, true and factual. I am certain that many people were offended by them because they spoke of hard-work, pride and ethics. I was delighted to see Franklin Graham, son of the Reverend Billy Graham, speaking. For generations Billy Graham led our nation in prayer and advised our leaders. For eight years President Obama turned his back on Billy Graham. Listening to spiritual leaders’ advice does not mean that any particular religion is favored over another. It means the words of a reasonable man, close to God the Father, are heeded. Instead of comfort and words of wisdom, these past eight years, too many people became divided and learned to hate. I look forward to a spiritual awakening to take place once again. Maybe we can set aside our so-called differences and remember that we are Americans first. (I would like to remind some of you before you say, “White Bread has no idea what she’s talking about,” that I come from a rainbow family in every sense of the word.)

I actually support President Trump’s selection of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary. I was aware of her before the election. DeVos believes that all children are entitled to the same educational opportunities regardless of income or neighborhood. She and her family have given a lifetime total of 1 billion dollars to charities and foundations in and around Michigan. At least forty percent went to educational causes. A large portion went to health services. Her family built the DeVos Learning Center in Grand Rapids. It’s like a field trip for the mind. I also am overjoyed that Dr. Benjamin Carson was selected to serve as the secretary for Housing and Urban Development. I knew of this great man for a few decades. He was a child in the same part of Detroit that I was born in, Delray. You can’t get much more urban than that. The appointment of at least two people from Michigan, I hope, will influence some decisions to bring jobs back to my home state.

Donald Trump is my president. He is America’s president. I will not protest. I will not whine and cry. I will support and pray for him as I have for all the presidents since I was old enough to vote, in 1982. God, bless Donald Trump. Please, bless our nation. Please guide the leaders of our world. Amen

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