Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh, those crazy 1970s!

Back in the wild and crazy early 70s, my cousin Douglas moved from Michigan to the LA area with his sister and brother. 

One evening, he attended a bizarre beach party.  He woke up in the pre-dawn twilight, face in the sand, only a pair of swim trunks covering his chilled body.  Feeling miserable and hung-over, Doug stumbled, bleary eyed into the bungalow he'd been renting.  Making his way to the toilet, things just didn't look right.  Doug realized, too late, that he'd walked into the wrong beach house. 

Looking up he saw Buddy Ebson (star of The Beverly Hillbillies sit-com) spreading something on toast in the kitchen.  Buddy, startled, gave him a look that meant business, grabbed a large knife and chased Doug out of the bungalow!  They both jumped out to the sand and even though my cousin had played football and was the typical meat-head jock, he had a dickens of a time trying to outrun old Buddy!  Doug screamed and apologized the whole time and finally got away. 

It's been forty years since that incident and I don't think anyone in the family will ever let him forget it.

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