Friday, March 30, 2012

Restaurant review for Mad Pita Express, Saint George, Utah

What can I say? This restaurant experience is like a rollercoaster for the tastebuds! If you want the exciting thrill of well blended flavors and ingredients, this is the place for you. The gyros are the best I've ever tasted and I haven't had any one flavor assault my senses yet. Everything is just perfect. The only drawback is there isn't enough lamb on the menu, which I for one would pay extra for.

Mad Pita Express
2376 East Red Cliffs Drive
Saint George, Utah

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  1. Added more than a year later: At one time I told everyone about this restaurant. The food was top-notch and I looked forward to going. The last two times I went, the food was below par. In fact today it was just awful and on top of that, the service was terrible. Two girls yacking in the back just looked at each other and then at the cashier. She finally got to us. It's bad enough that the Greek/Mediterranean food was dumbed down for a few locals. I mean the loyal customers, the "bread-n-butter" regulars that keep the business viable liked what was originally served, but then the fare just got worse and now the service is poor. I will not be going back. Sorry! I mean that, because I really care for the people who started this diner. I figure they must have sold it to someone who just doesn't care.


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